Terms of use

Use of this website (hereinafter referred to as WS) is subject to the terms set forth below. The use of WS is a presumption that the visitor-user has studied, understood and accepted all the terms of use. In case the visitor-user does not agree with the terms of use of this, he must not use the services and content of WS.

These terms of use are revised and amended when the owner of the WS deems it necessary. The only way to inform visitors-users is to read this text. Visiting and using the services of the WS is considered to be an unconditional acceptance of the terms of use.


Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright)

All content of the WS, with the exception of explicit exceptions (copyrights of third parties), is the copyright, registered trademarks and service marks of the WS owner and is protected by applicable national, EU and international law.

K. Delimpasis, N. Tsoutsoukas retain all copyrights as well as the title deeds regarding the content, all the copies created based on it, as well as all the copyrights and other property rights related to it.

The content of the WS is available to visitors-users for personal use. The content is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the WS administrator. The commercial exploitation of the WS or any part of it, as well as the republishing, reproduction, in whole or in part and in any way, and the summary or paraphrased or adapted release of any part of the WSwithout the prior written permission of K. Delimpasis is strictly prohibited. The same applies to the granting of access in any way to material obtained through or for the sake of the WS and not publicly available.

The other products or services that are mentioned on the WS and bear the trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, associates, associations or publications, are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore these bodies bear the relevant responsibility.



See the privacy policy.


Use of interactive areas

The owner of the WS has the ability to provide contact forms, bulletin boards and other interactive areas to the WS. Use of any of the areas of interaction implies that the visitor-user is solely responsible for the communication he makes and the consequences arising from the publication of this communication.

The visitor-user agrees and undertakes not to take the following actions:

  • use of areas of interaction for purposes or by means that violate applicable law,
  • publishing material that infringes the copyright of third parties or the privacy or disclosure rights of third parties,
  • posting material that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, annoying, abusive or material that causes dissatisfaction to third parties (natural or legal entities), as determined by the owner of the WS, at his discretion,
  • publishing material that contains "viruses", "malicious" code that could damage or corrupt the files or programs of the owner of the WS or other visitors-users
    publication of advertisements or other commercial material,
  • any other action that restricts or prevents another person from using the areas of interaction and in general the WS or action that at the discretion of the owner of the WS exposes himself or one of his visitors-users to legal responsibilities or situations detrimental to them.

The owner of WS reserves the right to prohibit the publication, modify and delete any entry of a visitor-user, deems that it violates the above commitments.


Use of links to third party websites

WS provides access to third party websites through appropriate links. These links are posted solely for the convenience of the visitor-user, while the websites to which they refer are subject to the relevant, as the case may be, terms of use. The placement of the links is not an indication of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by the owner of the WS, who bears no responsibility for their content or for the privacy practices or the accuracy of the materials contained therein. If the visitor-user decides to use, through its links, one of the third party websites, he accepts that he does so at his own risk.


Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the WS, as well as any modification, change or alteration thereof are governed by and supplemented by national law, EU law and relevant international treaties. Any provision of the above terms that is found to be contrary to the above legal framework or becomes invalid, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from here, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between the owner of the WS and the visitor-user of its pages and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be considered and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been formulated in writing and incorporated into it.

It hereby expressly agrees that the visitor-user of the WS agrees to be subject to any claims, disagreements or other controversies concerning or arising from the application of these terms and the general use of the WS by him, unless resolved amicably, in jurisdiction of the Greek Courts.