N. Tsoutsoukas-K. Delimpasis & Associates and the named natural persons, attach due importance to the lawful, in accordance with National and EU legislation, processing, security and protection of personal data of persons with whom they interact in the exercise of their professional activities (potential and active clients, employees of potential and active customers, associates, trainees, suppliers, procurement associates and public bodies and generally any third party they come in contact in the course of business), including this website visitors dromon-engineering.gr (hereinafter WS).

Definition of Personal Data

Personal data is defined as all the information, in printed or electronic form, that alone or in combination with other data, can lead to the identification of a natural person. Indicatively, but not exclusively, are mentioned: TIN, Identity Card Number, Marital Status, social security number, physical and electronic mailing addresses, landlines and mobile phones, history of internet searches and visits (log files, cookies, etc.), and any other information allows unique identification of a natural person in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (GKPD 2016/679), the current Greek legislation and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

What personal data do we collect and how

Personal data may come into our possession in the context of the provision of services and are provided, under the terms of contracts with customers, voluntarily and with their explicit consent and consent for legal processing in accordance with Article 6 of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. All data is provided directly by its owners, without the mediation of third parties, or their search in third party sources.

Indicatively, but not exclusively, the cases are mentioned:

  • collection and processing of data for the elaboration of engineering design and operation of projects
  • collection and processing of data for the preparation of businessplans
  • collection and processing of data for the provision of plant operation supervision services
  • collection and processing of data for the provision of services to improve plant safety and the occupational health and safety
  • collection and processing of data for the regulatory requirements concerning applicable to projects

This WS offers the user the ability to send an email. By using this application and fields, the user expressly states that he voluntarily provides the information contained in these fields and gives the right to edit and use them in order to respond to his message / request.

Especially when it comes to WS visitors, the website uses cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files for the collection and analysis of information which help decisively in measuring the traffic, increasing the browsing speed and in general improving the operation, the content and the overall performance of the WS. The WS also uses cookies from collaborating third parties (eg social media, search engines) which aim to improve the overall quality and speed of users' browsing. Cookies have a specific "lifespan" which for the current WS is 30 days.

During the first visit to the WS , the user is given the opportunity to accept or not the use of cookies, with the possibility at any time to undo the initial decision. The opt-out option completely covers the cookies of this WS, but may not affect cookies from third parties. If the user wishes to remove third party cookies (eg Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) the appropriate options offered by the website of each third party must be edited.

It is also possible to make appropriate settings in the browser used to completely exclude cookies, or to have the ability to confirm on a case by case basis. It should be noted that the complete exclusion or restriction of the use of cookies may limit the speed and range of options available when browsing the Internet.

Personal Data Management & Security

The printed and electronic files of personal data that come into our possession through the legal routes described above, are used exclusively for the reason for which they were collected and for which the relevant consent has been given under the cooperation contract with the client.

Every possible and appropriate protection measure is used for their protection and safety. The cooperation contract also defines the person responsible for their security, processing and management.

No transfer of personal data to third parties shall take place unless:

  • required for the implementation of the object of the contract
  • explicitly provided for in the contract
  • required by general tax or other regulatory legislation
  • required in the manner prescribed by state authorities

The personal data files are kept for as long as is required in order to complete the subject of the cooperation contract, or for as long as is requiredby any relevant tax or other legislation.


Links to third party websites

This WS includes links to websites of partners, government agencies, customers and others. These links exist for information and user convenience. The existence of the links does not constitute a guarantee or confirmation of the personal data management policies and practices of these websites and we do not bear any responsibility for any incomplete practices and omissions. The user should be informed about the personal data management policy of each website by the corresponding text available on it.


This Personal Data Management Policy was drafted, approved and published on June 14, 2018, and is subject to periodic improvement and revision, when appropriate.